Playboy Hard Drive

For a mere $300, you can get your hands on the Playboy hard drive above, which contains all 650 issues to date (1953-2010), 100,000 pages, 56 years, 1300 bunnies.  Lots of breasts, and of course, those articles you’ve been itching to read.  Actually, I bet there are some historically good articles contained within.  Porn, of course, you can get just about anywhere now.

What would really make this worth it, is if it came with the ability to digitally download future magazine releases on a subscription basis or built into the cost.  Either way, it’s a pretty neat artifact for collectors and certainly makes handing down your porn stache to your 16-year-old kid a lot easier than handing him 650 damp issues in milk crates.

Last year, a National Geographic hard drive was released with 120 years (from 1888 through 2008) worth of issues for about $200, and everybody knows those pictures are true nature porn.  The better bargain is really no question in my eyes. [via LA Times]

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