Postage Stamp-Sized Solid State Drives

Yes, yes, only a few of us care about the possibility of commercially available 1 TB solid state drives, which would be the size of a postage stamp.  But holy cow!

“A prototype of the new SSD consists of one controller chip and 128 NAND flash memory chips. The data transfer speed is said to be 2 GB per second, and Nikkei said that since the system is based on radio communication its production costs are lower.”

Solid State Drives are hard drives with no moving parts, which makes them incredibly fast and incredibly durable, unlike your everyday SATA hard drive that will eventually crap out on you.  So why should you care like I do?  Basically, you will never have to worry about reaching a porn-threshold on your computer/external hard drive ever again and the files will boot up right when you need them the most.  Obviously.

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