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Bob Cousy is, like most everyone else, enthralled by the play of Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. Unlike most everyone else, Cousy’s opinion matters. On the Mount Rushmore of NBA point guards, the Cooz has a place ad infinitum. Having him praise your work as a point guard is akin to Bill Gates praising your understanding of computer software.”I’ve been watching the Celtics for the last 50 years,” said Cousy, who retired in 1963 but made a brief, forgettable comeback as a player-coach with Omaha-Kansas City in 1969. “And Rondo is the first point guard since moi that I’ve been really excited about. [Larry] Bird excited you, but he wasn’t a point guard. JoJo [White] wasn’t a point guard. He’s the first since moi to get my attention.”

There have been some pretty good point guards in the years since Cousy left and Rondo arrived. Two of them, Nate Archibald and Dennis Johnson, are Hall of Famers. But what Cousy sees in Rondo is a versatility few have had at the position.

I’m thorough enjoying Pat Forde’s extensive profile of Celtic’s PG Rajon Rondo.  Particularly because I didn”t know anything about him; specifically because it’s been an incredibly joy as a C’s fan to watch him mature as a player and will himself to become the best PG in the NBA.

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  • curlean June 9, 2010, 9:20 pm

    Gecko has taken his place in a long line of Great Boston Guards! Bob Cousy, JoJo White, Tiny Archibald, Dennis Johnson! Champions all! I'm a Laker Fanatic!

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