San Jose Airport’s New Terminal B

On my travels back from Vegas, I flew San Jose airport and had a chance to walk through their just opened $1.3 billion terminal.  Most of the shops and restaurants weren’t opened, but it was quite striking.  Kudos to San Jose the wood and undulating steel are perfect together. Plus, the bathrooms and incredible.  The urinals were modern and egg-shaped.  Totally getting one if I ever own a house.

If I had one gripe, and I’m not saying I do, or that my opinion matters all that much, it’s that the walk from Terminal A to Terminal B is like three miles long and they should really get some transpo up in that place.

Really wish I had gotten a few of my own photos, because even though I was huffing it to catch my plane, I was like Dorothy stepping into Oz for the first time upon entering Terminal B.  [photo via]

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