Sesame Street Sings “Menomena”

So I was seeing if there were any videos of Menomena’s CD release show at Music Millennium tonight, which promised to be the first time the band played multiple cuts off of their excellent new album, Mines (which you can buy on Amazon for $3.99, so um, do that NOW!).  There weren’t any, because the show happened all of two hours ago, but I spaced on going and kicking myself for it.

So what did I find on YouTube?  Well, I found this bizarre clip of Sesame Street from the 1970’s singing a song named “Menomena.”

Had no idea until this point that Sesame Street used to play the game “Homeless or Hipster” with some of their muppet designs back in the day.  Dude, is that not the coolest mofo muppet you’ve ever seen?

Also?  I’ve just watching this video about ten times in a row and am now convinced this is the greatest thing Sesame Street has ever done.  The comic timing, the absurdity of it, the cute muppet chicks who have no idea menomena is street slang for give me an eight ball, okay I made that last part up.  But still, this is mesmerizing shit right here.

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