Footlocker is launching a sneaker database, of sorts, where people can share pictures from their collection, tag and search for sneakers in a variety of ways.  It’s not meant to be a sales item, but rather, it looks like an honest way to unite sneaker lovers to embrace and share in their community.  (Of course, if it means more sneakers are sold from Footlocker, I’m sure the company will smile)

Sneakerpedia launches soon with the intention of expanding the available information about sneakers — a particular brand’s year, color, styling differentiations, really whatever you could think of when it comes to sneakers.

Hopefully, other fashion companies would follow suit; I imagine the stylish people talk about jeans, sneakers, etc. in the same vein that other people talk about music, wine or movies.

FYI: Sneakerpedia is on twitter too.

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