So You’re Telling Me Someone Made a Sex-Based Adventure Game Starring the X-Men?

Consider this today’s wtf moment: “it’s time to actually start the game, and for something that oughta be combining the excitement of the X-Men and the thrills of Dolemite, the end result is both buggy as hell and extremely monotonous. It’s all about matching up the stats of each girl to the stats of the customers, which basically involves rolling from one side of the screen to the other for five minutes at a time. In other words, Big Daddy Kane was wrong: Pimpin’ is easy. It’s just not very fun.”

Marvel Brothel is definitely making my head spin, in that I can’t really grasp how or why this exists (but I’m secretly excited it does?).  Somebody actually took the time to combine 16-bit Final Fantasy gameplay, with the X-Men and prostitution.  One would have to wonder what sort of role Mystique would play in the game because her value as a shape-shifter would off the charts at a brothel.

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