South Park Creators Tackle Broadway

Is it too early to call the team up between Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Robert Lopez (creator of Avenue Q) potentially great?

The Book of Mormon, according to the New York Post, “tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries sent off to spread the word in a dangerous part of Uganda. Their tale is told alongside the story of Joseph Smith, founder of the Church of Latter-day Saints.”

But the reason this has me excited, aside from both the tornado of awesome-osity created from Avenue Q and just about everything Parker and Stone have touched, is the South Park guys just seem to get it.

Expect the musical to be funny and cynical but full of heart. “We learned a long time ago that if something is cynical just for the sake of being cynical, it won’t last too long,” Stone told the Post.

Co-creator and co-director Parker added, “Broadway is big and scary to us. And by no means are we coming in to kick Broadway’s ass. We’re pretty sure we’re going to get our asses kicked. But Bobby and Scott and Jason have a lot of the theater experience, so with their help, maybe we won’t fall flat on our faces.”

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