The “Double Rainbow All the Way” Interview

Fast Company scores the interview of the year with Paul Vasquez, aka the “Yosemitebear Mountain Giant”, a cagefighter turned naturalist, who will forever be remembered as the Rainbow All the Way Guy.

“When I first shot it, I was like, Whoa,” says the professional cagefighter-turned-nature-lover. “I always knew it had the potential–that it was special–and I was thinking it was going to catch on. I shot a video before called Giant Intense Rainbow that had the capability of going viral, but when I shot this one, I was like, this is even better.” 

And the money quote:

When I asked what he would do with his newfound popularity or influence, Vasquez wasn’t certain: “I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Last night I went to an Indian sweat and I prayed really hard about this. When I shot the video, I was not high at all, I was not having sex, and I was not hiking, as a lot of people assume. This is my land that I bought in 1988. Wait, what was the question?”

Actually, the whole thing is pretty damn funny.  [via]

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