The S-Curve of Personal Computing

The personal computer has reached the S-Curve’s shoulder while very personal computers are still at the S-Curve’s knee, poised for the type of growth the PC has enjoyed over the past 30 years…Apple, Google, and now HP have seen the past and the future: The PC business is mature and graying; the growth is with the new very personal computers. Relying on Microsoft (or even Google, unless you’re Google) for the operating system puts you in a fast race to the bottom, to meager margins, to having key decisions for your business made in Redmond or Mountain View.

— Former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassee, on the inevitable changing tide of personal computing, pulled from an excellent analysis of Intel’s potential demise in the mobile computing market. 

If you’re into reading tealeaves, it’s not difficult to imagine a computing landscape where consumers have a smartphone, a tablet, and then some sort of tv/media center/desktop hybrid in their homes.  [via]

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