Tourists vs. Locals

This photo series by Eric Fischer would be even better if it included more publicly available geotagged photos aside from Flikr, like Twitpic, etc.  Still, this is a pretty nifty data comparison of 81 cities and the striking differences between what tourists photograph and what locals photograph.

From RWW:

In the photos below, blue is where photos were taken by locals, red is where photos were taken by tourists. Fischer has graphed photo distribution for 81 cites and explained his methodology on this Flickr page. We learned of the project through one of our favorite new location blogs, Jonathan Crowe’s The Map Room.

This is an amusing example of the kind of insight that becomes possible to derive from a world instrumented with data.

Above is Portland, OR.  For the life of me I can’t figure out why tourists wouldn’t drive up to the St. John’s Bridge and Cathedral Park.  It’s easily one of the prettiest bridges in the entire country (maybe only second to the Golden Gate Bridge) and the drive is not long — twenty minutes tops.

One of the best things Fischer does is make it clear what sites people are photographing.  This series is great if you plan on doing some travel and want to get away from the guidebooks and see the city as a local would.

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