Two Jim Henson Things

1) Sesame Street has a tumblr, and it’s quite wonderful.  Right now it’s just video clips, but really, there are worse ways to spend Saturday/Sunday morning that perusing Sesame St. clips, right?

2) The Muppets have a cooking show?  From Paste Magazine: “The Muppet Cooking Show, also known as The Muppets Kitchen with Cat Cora, is a web series that debuted earlier this week. It features celebrity chef Cat Cora, who’s been featured as an Iron Chef on Iron Chef America. Topics include somewhat unchartered territory, like “Food You Can Eat with Your Hands,” or “Food That Gets Caught in Your Mustache.”  Recipes, episodes and more can be found on the website. No word yet if a recipe for frogs’ legs will make an appearance. (Too soon?).”

No definitely not too soon for either.

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