Uncomfortable “Let It Be” Sing-a-Long

Somehow a Norwegian television station got a bunch of B-level (?) 80s celebrities — people like George Wendt (Norm from Cheers), Tiffany (but no Debbie Gibson), Malcolm Jamal Warner, Ricki Lake, Tanya Harding, Lou Ferrigno, Leslie Nielsen (RIP), Huey Lewis, Kathleen Turner, Jason Alexander, Dolph Lundgren, Bananarama, etc. etc. — to do promotional music videos for the show Gylne Tider (“Golden Times”, natch) and the results are nothing less than a trainwreck.

When people want to know what the internet “is”, surely this video will be the definition and proof that we were all alive, young and seizing the moment in 2010.  [thanks, Scott]

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