When Gail Zappa Met Miss J

Frank Zappa’s wife, Gail Zappa, sits down to chat about etiquette, sex and being fabulous with Miss J. 

Well, that is obviously working, so I jumped directly to Manners!

“YES, MAY I, THANK YOU, PLEASE!” pronounced Miss J. “Bad manners are like parsley — they’re everywhere (garni du jour!!!). Manners can’t be bought but they can be taught.”

“The people who have to be right all of the time: Admit you made a mistake. Apologize! Don’t miss an opportunity to learn. And no stealing Thunder, either.” And here’s a however: “It’s OK to burn bridges, especially when you travel by plane.” And again: “When you follow a stupid person home, normally a stupid person will open the door. The whole POD is stupid.” Miss J. elaborates, “Don’t just listen with your ears. Listen with your eyes. People who show me who they really are — I believe them!!!”

The entire, over-the-top essay left me in stitches.

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