When Tradition Isn’t Enough

Virginia Sole-Smith writes about her experiences planning her wedding and how that day is about the couple.  Not the parents, not tradition, not anything more than a celebration of what makes you (as in the couple) unique.

So my parents sat in the front row, radiating pride and joy. As my dad said, “Anyone who isn’t sure whether I’m the father of the bride will just have to see me beaming and they’ll know!” And Dan and I hid together at the bottom of my parents’ garden, watching all of our friends and family take their seats. We were nervous. We were excited. We held hands and cracked each other up. And for two people who are so squeamish about romance and symbolism, it ended up being an incredibly sweet, and dare I say, romance-filled moment. Because we waited until Dan said the (iPod-supplied) music was at exactly the right moment — the chorus of the Magnetic Fields “It’s Only Time” — and walked forward, hand in hand, to celebrate our shared life.

Now that Lady Oyster and I have been in full-on wedding planning mode for the last few months, you start wondering if all the choices you are making are for you or for family or for some other reason.  It’s daunting, all the choices you have.  And once you go down that rabbit hole it’s difficult to remember what’s important.    

All you want to do is share that moment with all the people you love.  Maybe have some good food and beer and listen to some decent tunes.

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