YouTube and Vimeo Test HTML5

Both YouTube and Vimeo have rolled out Beta versions of their video players that uses HTML5 rather than Flash.  If you’ve ever had your browser crash, chances are great that it was somehow related to Flash, which means the quicker the web adopts the HTML5 standard the better.

The problem, however, is that there is no standard video format.  Meaning, certain browsers (Chrome and Safari) support H.264 video codec that both YouTube and Vimeo are using, while other broswers, ahem Firefox, only support the Ogg Theora codec.  So if you’re using Firefox, which a lot of people are, the HTML5 video capabilities of YouTube and Vimeo is essentially meaningless.

What this means for anyone that is scratching their head and going HTML5, video codec, what?, is that with the use of HTML5 instead of Flash for video on the web, YouTube/Vimeo clips don’t have to buffer — they play immediately and you can quickly jump to any section of the video right away.

I suspect Firefox will either adopt the H.264 format, or someone will build an extension/plug-in that supports it soon enough.  [via]

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