25 Skills Every Man Should Know

Esquire rattles off a list of arbitrary skills every man should know. “You’re born without them, spend a lifetime acquiring them, and check them at the door on your way out — and for what? To survive in the wild? To get rich and retire early? No. You acquire skills so you can be a man of action, because in a world in which everyone outsources and delegates, action is what sets you apart,” the magazine writes.

Among them include: bet the horses, get the bartenders attention, give a good massage, fell a tree, field dress a moose, fillet a fish, buy a woman clothing, make eggs four different ways, Google efficiently, sew a button, console a crying woman, look good in a picture, calm a crying baby, parallel park, wire a ceiling fixture, make pancakes from scratch, stop a running toilet, carve a turkey, make a lady cocktail, buy ripe fruit, jump start a car, make restaurant reservations, kill an injured animal, and shine shoes.

I was all set to make fun of their list, but then I realized that I can do about 18 of these like a boss and with the exception of hunting and field dressing an animal could probably putz my way through the others.


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