A Ten-Step GQ Guide To Nailing Office Style

They have a good point: “In a world where guys wear flip-flops to work and can barely remember how to knot a necktie, it’s the perfectly put-together man who’s cooler than the rest. These are the ten head-to-toe steps to getting your business-suit groove on.”

It’s also a good guide for just looking sharp in general and makes a nice addendum to the guide from Put This On.

My only complaint about these GQ and Esquire style pieces is they need to incorporate three spending levels. They should have the expensive look, the budget look and the middle of the road look — or how to create the same look on three different budgets. No normal person, or even someone well-to-do could afford the look featured here, which by their estimates would cost nearly $4700 for everything pictured.

It’s just absurd.

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