Anna Nicole Smith Opera

Hmmm.  So you’re telling me there’s an opera about Anna Nicole Smith now playing in London?

While I scrape up the parts of my head that just exploded from confusion, I’ll let The Hairpin’s Seth Colter Walls break it down for you.

Seth, what do you think of this? “I like the Larry King with the uber-long desk. And the guy on the couch with Anna — ‘she’s from the school of hard knocks,’ etc. — is Gerald Finley, a very well respected singer. And the composer, Mark Anthony Turnage, is a serious composer. He once did a thing at BBC Proms that interpolated Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies.’” What are the BBC Proms? “An annual festival of classical music concerts in England broadcast on BBC radio.” OK, but does this opera look absolutely incredible, yes or no? “Yes it looks like the best thing of all time, Edith.” And there you have it.

[AP via The Hairpin]

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