Annoying Orange to Become Animated Series

Deadline is reporting that the Internet favorite web-series, Annoying Orange, is being adapted into a half-hour animated series. “Conrad Vernon, co-director of Monsters and Aliens and Shrek 2, has come on board to executive produce. The Collective is financing six half-hour episodes from the project, which is being written by Tom Sheppard, an Emmy winner for Pinky and the Brain. Casting is already under way, with Malcolm McDowell set to voice one of the characters.”

Oddly enough, I knew about this a year ago when I was visiting Scotty D. in LA over July 4th weekend. I was talking to this guy, Bob Jenz, who was telling me this very news and saying the show was going to be huge. I had a hard time fathoming it, but there it is.  Perhaps more interesting, was his knowledge about the inner workings of social media and how people can make a living through YouTube videos alone.

We should get him here to do a little interview now that the news has broken. I’m curious, aside from series creator Dane Boedigheimer, if other people originally involved with the series will be along for the ride.

Aside from the series being hilarious as all fuck, this is the reason why it’s getting a six-episode chance: “The Annoying Orange video series, which has amassed more than half-billion views on YouTube, features an orange with a human mouth and eyes heckling other characters, mostly other fruits and vegetables. The series has 7 million Facebook fans, it is the eighth-most-subscribed YouTube channel of all time and its app is in the Top 10 on iTunes.”

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