Bishop’s Castle in Colorado

Just outside the San Isabel National Forest in Colorado, near the tiny town of Colorado City — a 90-minute jaunt from Colorado Springs, there is a 160-foot high castle built by Jim Bishop that is full of wrought iron and stone masonry, as striking in its beauty as it is quirky, something that Tolkien would conjure or, at the very least, the set designer from Willow. The castle, despite being a residential home and working construction site, is open to the public year round, but you have to search for it — it’s not listed on an official travel brochures.

One of the castle’s best features is the dragon’s head, which billows smoke from the fireplace out of its nostrils. If Jim Bishop’s son has his way, the dragon’s head will be able to shoot fire from it’s mouth outwards of 30-feet in the near future. [via kuriositas]

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