Causing an Earthquake

Andrew Postman on Marshawn Lynch’s still buzzed about touchdown:

Is it cool if you can say, “Once upon a time, I signed the biggest contract in my sport,” as Alex Rodriguez or Kobe Bryant can say? Sure. Is it even cooler if you can say, “Once upon a time, my country passed a law that I could not be traded to a team outside of the country because I was designated a national treasure,” as Pelé can say? Absolutely.

But is it coolest of all if you can say, “I once ran for a touchdown that was so amazing, it caused an actual earthquake,” as the Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch can say?

I have to think the answer is yes.

That’s right.  Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown run, caused the Seattle home team to get so rowdy, they caused seismic activity!

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