Chuck Taylor’s Get Dressed Up

The reason most people buy Chuck Taylor’s or Converse’s One-Star sneaker has to do with simplicity and price-point. Chucks haven’t changed much from when it was first introduced back in 1917. It’s proof that sometimes something can be so perfect in it’s initial incarnation there is no reason to alter it. And sure, they cost more now $35 or $40, then they did even ten years ago.

For those reasons, one has to wonder why Converse would team up with high-end retails Saks to release a version of the Chuck, the Clean Crafted Edition, for $100.  Sure, they’re made to resemble a casual shoe, with supple brown and black leather and they look striking. At the same time, they are still made with “the standard Converse rubber sole and padded insole.”

Just because you can dress something up, probably doesn’t mean you should.

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