Daleks for Kids

The only thing that sucks about these battery-powered Daleks, which kids can ride in, and oh yeah, come with ten stock phrases, including “We are the superior beings!”, “Seek, locate, annihilate!”, and of course “Exterminate!”, is that there isn’t a comparable toy T.A.R.D.I.S.

To date, the Power Wheel was always my, “Shit, I wish I had one of those as a kid” toys, but now it would have to be these ride-in Dalek. It can travel almost two mph and rotates 360 degrees. Sadly, it is recommended for kids aged 3-6; but who cares because if you’re like me you’ll figure out a way to fit inside this.  It retails for £199 (US $316), so there’s that.  But you know, holy shit a ride-able Dalek!  [via gammasquad]

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