Does the average person has what it takes to get consistant zombie headshots?

Having played video games for most of my life, I can honestly say that those skills don’t very well translate to actually shooting a gun.  Shooting a gun without proper training or practice is difficult.  It’s hard to aim properly at targets, the kickback is more forceful than you would imagine, and overall you may come close to getting a headshot, but in all likelihood, you’ll probably just miss.

In zombie apocalypse movies and games, the survivors seem to be pretty good about getting zombie headshots.  No matter how little experience that they may have.  Unfortunately, with this video both of the test subjects have previous firearm experience: one is a hunter and the other was in the military.  Would have been better to pluck an accountant or a book publisher or someone with no experience to see how they do.

The lesson is, it’s not that easy to just pick up a gun and start blasting zombies in the head.  [via I Heart Chaos]

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