Extract Silk Glands from a Black Widow Spider

Let’s say you’re feeling particularly bored one Saturday night and instead of going out and getting all bamboozled you decide, hey let’s go extract the silk glands from a spider!  But not just any spider, a black widow spider! Cause, hey, let’s amp up the danger.  Luckily, researchers from the University of Pacific have your back, as they’ve just released a video showing you how to do so.

“The scientists then pin the abdomen down on a dissecting dish and use microscissors to cut out an opening. The abdomen is immersed in a special dissecting fluid cocktail of ingredients detailed by the researchers. The exoskeleton is peeled back with forceps, and any fat and eggs are scraped away to expose the seven distinct silk-producing glands. The researchers recommend these glands be removed in a specific order that makes it easier to get all of them out safely. The glands are then flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at minus 80 degrees Celsius.”

And you thought your weekend was going to be boring.  So easy to do! [via scientific america]

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