Feltron Report 2010

Every year, graphic designer Nicholas Felton creates an annual report of his life. This year it’s about someone else’s life: a memorial to his father, Gunter, who passed away in September 2010.  This is a remarkable obituary, and an artifact that his loved ones must cherish.

Thanks to the son’s talents, this memorial feels like a celebration rather than a cold dissection. Gunter worked as an elevator engineer and settled in California, which in all honesty sounds pretty structured and even, perhaps, boring. In actuality, Gunter was a fascinating man who led an unbelievably textured and rich life: Here was a guy who was born into Nazi Germany, was bombed by Germans during world War II, traveled to 48 countries, met the Black Panther co-founder Bobby Seale, and in old age practiced Tai Chi and saw Willie Nelson play with the Yamato Drummers.

What this echoes for me, is that everyone has a story that is worth telling, even if they are just an elevator engineer. Click here to buy a copy of Nicholas Felton’s 2010 Annual Report for only $20. Only 3,000 are being printed.

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