Gangs and Cupcakes in San Fran’s Mission District

MissionLocal has posted a link to a PDF that maps out various gang territories in San Francisco’s Mission District and the various cupcake shops that reside within those boundaries.

“The weekend homicide near 17th and Mission streets and Wednesday’s lunchtime gunfight on 24th and Harrison offered Mission District residents a reminder that the hip neighborhood where they feast on everything from the latest doughnut recipe to cupcakes and artisan pork rinds is also a place where gang violence still exists, and where a 2007 gang injunction is still in place,” they write.

It’s an odd sort of juxtaposition, a stark reminder that gentrification often has a price, aside from swank restaurants and hip bars and lamenting a neighborhood in its “heyday.” There is of course, no correlation between gangs and cupcake shops, but maybe even gang bangers enjoy a good dessert now and again. [via herman]

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