Generation Jordan Catalano

Doree Shafrir in Slate:

The Carter babies—anyone born between his inauguration in January 1977 and Reagan’s in January 1981—are now 30 to 34, and, like Carter himself, the weirdly brilliant yet deeply weird born-again Christian peanut farmer, this micro-generation is hard to pin down. We identify with some of Gen X’s cynicism and suspicion of authority—watching Pee-Wee Herman proclaim, “I’m a loner, Dottie. A rebel,” will do that to a kid—but we were too young to claim Singles and Reality Bites and Slacker as our own (though that didn’t stop me from buying the soundtracks). And, while the proud alienation of the Gen X worldview doesn’t totally sit right, we certainly don’t yearn for the Organization Man-like conformity that the Millennials seem to crave.

Yes, I fit snuggly into this generation of in-betweeners. Her suggestion that our generation is best known for our love of Saved By The Bell is hilarious, but so is the revelation that Jordan Catalano from My So-Called Life should be our unofficial mascot.

Essentially, she argues that Catalano babies drift between the spotlight and their inner-selves to try and make sense of the world.

Or, “The most famous musician from Generation Catalano is probably 34-year-old Kanye West, who actually is something of a special snowflake—and at the same time that he has released some of the best music of the last few years (and gotten very rich off of it), he’s also been engaged a very public battle with himself. Like West, Generation Catalano is never fully comfortable with its place in the world; we wander away from the periphery and back again,” Shafrir writes.

Ugh, this is so fucking true.

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