How Does This Amazing Video of a Girl Solving the Rubik’s Cube While Hula Hooping Only Have 300 Views?

I could neither solve a Rubik’s Cube nor could I hula hoop for several minutes separately and in optimal conditions.  But here, Teagan, who can’t be more than eight or nine, does both in her Arizona front yard.

Amazingly, the video only has about 330 views on YouTube, at the time of writing. Which is odd, considering how amazing the clip is. This girl should be exalted and celebrated — at least as much as the Double Rainbow or Chocolate Rain guys.

Yes, that’s right, this girl not only solves a Rubik’s cube in about two minutes, but she also does it while maintaining a steady rhythm with a hula hoop. 

It’s a confusing clip because it not only provides great suspense (Is she going to solve the cube!?! Is she going to drop the hoop!?! What. Will. Happen!), but it also makes you acutely aware how awesome some people can be, while making you feel like shit about your own lack of tangible talents.

“I don’t like that kid,” says my buddy Zack, who sent me the clip. “By the way, she was born in Kenya and wants to be president someday.”

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  • BILOyster February 1, 2011, 8:34 am

    I ask why. Why is she doing this? Why is dressed and made up for what I assume is a dance recital? Why in the dessert (that's a sweet cactus in the background)? Perhaps answers would only detract from the mystery and awesomeness of the clip…