James Lipton Interviews An Octopus

And then things get weird.  Not so weird, but when it comes to head-scratching wtf commercials, the new series from Toyota — to show off it’s new Prius line of vehicles — is pretty WTF. But also clever and pretty funny.

Actually, it’s a whole series of videos in which Lipton’s search takes him through a series of interviews, from William Shakespeare to a rapper to an octopus. The gag is that each interviewee picks their own favorite for the plural for saying the name of the nation’s leading hybrid car. Toyota created the campaign to try to show off its permutations of the original Prius — an all-electric version, a wagon and a smaller sporty model. All are due to hit showroom in the next year as part of the Prius “family” of vehicles.

To see the other videos in the series, hit the jump.  

[via Drive On]

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