James Van Der Memes

The weird trend of Hollywood actors using Funny or Die as a platform to leverage their name, nostalgia for when they played a popular character, and internet memes to reintroduce themselves to the public and goof on their own brand comes to a head with James Van Der Memes (As an aside, I’m thinking here of James Franco acting class, Chris Klein audition tapes, to a small degree the Between Two Ferns series, and Joshua Jackson’s Pacey-Con. A much, much better writer could probably write a 3,000 word essay on this theme, but I’m not there yet.).

James Van Der Beek, aka Dawson Leery, attempts to replace the emoticon with the vandermeme — a series of emotional gifs ranging from: happymild sadnessawkwwwardthe stud wink and oh so many others.  It seems like there’s going to be a full video push for this comedy series.

Here’s the second video in the series: Asshole for Hire

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