Justin Bieber’s Gritty Movie Trailer

I don’t really get Justin Bieber. Or rather, I don’t really understand the adulation for him. He’s a child in an adult’s world, showered with affection from other children, and somehow adults are supposed to care. I don’t really have a problem with him either. He’s just another in a long line of famous teenybopper idols.

But it’s hard to escape the Bieber-osity with his new 3D movie (3D means it’s great!) coming out about his life.

Lulz aplenty in this UCB parody. ““Did you ever hear of a young, white, cute Christian male making it in America?” Well, have you? No, because young, cute Christian males never make it in America. That was always my problem. I was too Catholic. And Irish. And boozy. And maybe too white (no one likes the see-through, invisible pasty kid unless he sparkles like diamonds in the sun!). [via slashfilm]

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