Leonardo da Vinci’s To-Do List

todolistNPR on Leonardo da Vinci keeping to-do lists:

In a book soon to be published, [historian Toby] Lester says Leonardo used to travel with a small notebook hanging from his belt, and “whenever something caught his eye,” he would make a note, or begin “sketching furiously.”

“It is useful,” Leonardo wrote, to “constantly observe, note, and consider.” But when you are Leonardo, what sorts of things are buzzing around in your head? Well, Toby Lester describes what is essentially a “To Do” list buried in one of those notebooks, a bunch of things Leonardo planned to do one week, or month, in the early 1490’s.

I don’t really keep to-do lists frequently, but when I do, they look nothing like this. This is primarily why none of the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles were named James.

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