Live the Language

EF, a language teaching company, commissioned four promos to capture the beauty and essence of native tongues in Paris, London, Barcelona and Beijing. All four videos use kinetic typography and lush visuals to capture the verve, the sheer joy of deciphering a new language in an unfamiliar city. Anyone that has ever done a modicum of travelling knows that acute feeling of excitement mixed with terror.

Each of the four films were directed by Gustav Johansson, but the films’ visual palette comes courtesy of cinematographer Niklas Johansson; the type is conjured by Barcelona-based designer and art director Albin Holmqvist.  

Here’s to hoping they continue this series with videos for other great cities in the US and abroad. I would love to see something for Moscow, Hong Kong, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Oslo, etc. There is no end to how varied this series could be. [via fastco]





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