Moot Launches Canvas

Christopher Poole, the 23-year-old founder of 4Chan (where the internet begins and ends, so to speak), better known to most people as Moot, launched his new site, Canvas, today for 4,000 early users, according to TechCrunch.

So what’s Canvas? Like 4chan it’s a place for people to post content and start a discussion. It has distinct similarities to 4chan – although content is archived, and people create accounts. But users stay totally anonymous. Their profile page is nothing more than a gathering of the various content they’ve added to the site.Canvas is starting just with images. Like Dailybooth users upload a picture and a discussion starts. Dailybooth, though is mostly about people uploading pictures of themselves. Lots and lots and lots of pictures of themselves. On Canvas, there’s a lot of photoshopping going on, and some of it is highly entertaining.

It doesn’t seem like much, but my guess is this will be a much more attractive place for advertisers and investors than 4Chan ever will. It’ll be interesting to watch how Canvas develops and what sort of community springs from its genesis.

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