Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode Two

From Machinima:

When Jax realizes time is of the essence to save Sonya, a fellow lieutenant in the Outworld Investigation Agency, from Kano’s deadly hand, he holds nothing back in this action-packed, two-on-one battle to keep a shipment of stolen Robotic Defense Program material out of Kano’s hands. But can Jax and Sonya do it? Kano is a ruthless, evil leader of the “Black Dragon” international crime organization, and anyone who’s tried to take him down has never lived to tell about it!

Still not sure what to make of this series. I like that there’s an obvious plot line through both of these stories, but there also doesn’t seem to be anything recognizably “kombat” either. Well, there has been to a degree. [via highdefinite]


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