Old Taps Drip Liquid Light

Tanya Clarke is an artist who takes old plumbing fixtures to “form the basis of her work in beautiful, custom-built industrial light installations.” Glass emerges from the taps as if they were water, lit by LED lights. When they say that architecture is frozen water, this isn’t, obviously, what they had in mind, but it’s immediately the first thing I thought of.

“Liquid Lights’ create a visual reminder of the precious commodity that water is and our need to protect this natural resource. Reclaimed plumbing, hand-sculpted solid glass drops and LED lights are incorporated [in my work] to contribute to the zero-footprint movement in the form of ‘Liquid Light,’” Clarke writes.

The Canadian artist donates 5% of the profits from sales of her light installations to the Polaris Institute, which focuses on education and action surrounding water sustainability issues.

Here’s a sampling of her work.

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