Possum Babies Looking for a Good Home

You tend to see a lot of crazy Craigslist adds if you peruse them long enough. But this one, from Lisa in Vancouver, Wash., looking to offload four possum babies is a doozy.

“I have been handraising four orphaned possums for the past six weeks. They’ve been weaned for two weeks now and are ready to go to good homes. There are two males and two females available. Their names are Penelope, Patricia, PeePee and Jonathan, though they don’t come to their names so you can call them whatever you want, LOL! They’re just so curious and friendly, I am going to want to make sure they go to great homes, so be prepared to answer plenty of questions regarding their dietary and exercise needs. Possums can be very rewarding family members!”

So you read the text and think, “great, possums must make for a cuddly pet, sign me up!” And then you look at the pictures of the four possums clockwise from the upper-left corner and think, “cute, cuter, still cute but a little bit crazy looking, OMG what the fuck … why would I want that as a pet?!?”

Can I please have the rabies infected possum? The other three are cute though, I smell a potential Disney movie.

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