Put This On Ep. 4: Grooming

Another great piece of advice from Adam and Jesse.  This time, regarding grooming.

As someone who feels so completely lost when it comes to grooming — I’ve mastered the basics like showering, manscaping, brushing my teeth, biting my fingernails, not shaving due to laziness — what I would really love is a video from these guys on how to talk to a hair stylist about cutting my hair. Because I don’t know how to tell someone how I’d like my hair cut, it always comes out bad; hence why I just buzz my hair off every four or five months. But! I would love to get it cut. Perhaps like George Clooney or a character from Mad Men. Instead it generally looks like I’ve rolled out of bed, which is true. Except I want it to look dapper. [via putthison]

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