Scrolls: A New Game from the Creator of Minecraft

There’s no denying the cultural impact Minecraft has had on the gaming world. Developed by Markus Persson (and now his company Mojang) in 2009, the sandbox building game has been an utter sensation due to it’s lo-fi visuals and robust world-building tools.

And now the company has a new game, Scrolls, which looks to capture the same excitement of card-based games such as Magic: The Gathering.

Mojang offered a pre-GDC look at “Scrolls” to Gamasutra, which describes the game as “a digital card game/board game mash-up.” Players build decks of cards — or “scrolls” — before each game, using them to produce a variety of attack- and defense-oriented effects as a match progresses. Card packs will be released to further add to the catalog of available moves as well.

The game unfolds on a chess-like board, with the grid serving as your battlefield. Scrolls can be used to attack or defend, with the overall objective being to knock your opponent’s health down to zero. Defeating individual enemy units in the field won’t cut it though; as in chess, the idea is to work around enemy defenses and attack the “king” directly. Additionally, decks of cards are shuffled before each game, which adds an element of randomness to your tactical planning as you’re never quite sure how the next card will serve its purpose until it is in your hand.

Rock Paper Shotgun has more. [via MTV]

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