Slavery Was the Cause of the Civil War

Just in case you need a reminder over what the ultimate cause of the Civil War was, Time is there to remind you it was slavery first and foremost. It really wasn’t about state’s rights or whatever it is the revisionists are saying today.

The once obvious truth of the Civil War does not imply that every soldier had slavery on his mind as he marched and fought. Many Southerners fought and died in gray never having owned a slave and never intending to own one. Thousands died in blue with no intention to set one free. But it was slavery that had broken one nation in two and fated its people to fight over whether it would be put back together again. The true story is not a tale of heroes on one side and villains on the other. Few true stories are. But it is a clear and straightforward story, and so is the tale of how that story became so complicated.

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