The Bacon Bazooka

This Is Freaking Ridiculous constructed a 3-foot-long battery-operated bacon-encased Bazooka, which they claim is capable of  launching model rockets and summer sausages.

The bazooka was constructed as part of their annual Bacon Day celebration and used a whooping 15 lbs. of bacon when all was said and done.

“After flipping the illuminated rocker switch the BA-Zooka will begin to beep alerting everyone around that it is armed and ready to fire. Pushing the momentary switch, which acts as the trigger, your rocket or sausage is launched. I definitely need to work on my meat ballistics, but this thing was a ton of fun to build and fire,” they write.  “All of the bacon used this year was donated because it was past the expiration date. Not ideal for eating, but perfect for working with.”

Can’t wait to see how these guys top this next year. Hopefully with a bacon mortar or perhaps a bacon minefield. There’s even video!

Perhaps the U.S. military should start using these in their advertising campaigns? [via TDW]

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