The Geek Olympathon in Portland

Portland, Ore. will host the Geek Olympathon in June:

A weekend full of geeky contests and events held all over Portland culminating in an awards ceremony with live music and booze? Yes, please! Teams will be asked to travel to different locations and compete against each other in the geekiest ways to win material rewards and cash prizes. The event culmination will be an awards party where teams will be brought on stage and given their awards for both their performance and superlatives regarding their overall participation and costumes.

Sounds like a lot of fun. Events on June 11 include: lego building, long box jumping, costume contest, bicycle race, scallywag treasure hunt, vintage toy id, finding back issues of comic book crossovers, rolling a 20-sided die, etc.

This is definitely something I would participate in and take very seriously if I were still living in the Rose City. Le Sigh. Tell me why I moved back to Boston again?

Seriously, this feels like something that has major, major, major potential. [via superpunch]

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