The Wii 2

With news that the next generation of console systems won’t be available until 2013 or 2014 — which would make both the PS3 and Xbox360 almost a decade old (which is fucking crazy when you think about it) — news is beginning to leak on Nintendo’s next system which is being referred to as the Wii 2 or Project Cafe.

In terms of the design of the console itself, the overall size will be comparable to that of the original Xbox 360 and the system is likely to resemble a modernized version of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

As reported last week, it will indeed utilize controllers with integrated touchscreens and be capable of streaming games to each controller, though given the power of the system, could also feasibly provide a virtualized console for each individual unit.

It also sounds like Nintendo is finally going to build a system capable of competing with Microsoft and Sony for modern games, which would be nice. As fun as the Wii is, it’s not exactly something I use beyond playing bowling or boxing with my nephews. It would be great to get a Legend of Zelda or Super Mario Bros. game that takes full advantage of 1080p and the latest graphics engines.

What’s also interesting, is there is no indication how forward thinking Nintendo is going to be with this system. By 2012-2014 most video game systems should double as an entertainment hub with the ability to download/stream movies and television shows. Nobody wants to buy physical games, everything should be digital.

The system is expected to debut in June at E3.

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