The Wired Guide to the Baseball Season

Wired Magazine looks at the essential gadgets, gear, apps for the upcoming baseball season. The most essential is probably the MLB app for your iPhone or Android device, but aside from that the one thing on this list that really caught my eye was the Beerbelly.

Can you say shit just got real son?

You pour your beer into the main bladder (up to 80 ounces), strap it to your upper body and stadium security merely thinks you’ve already guzzled a few too many during your tailgate.

It fits beer drinkers up to 6-foot-8 in height and up to a 40-inch waist. The basic version runs you $35, but with ballpark brews running you $9 and $10 a pop, this puppy pays for itself with one game.

And for women, there’s also the $30 WineRack, if you’re looking to sneak in 25 ounces of your favorite pinot or cab.

I’ll take a beerbelly for Mr. Oyster and the WineRack for Lady Oyster please. Anyway, there are a lot of other great suggestions on this list, including, in all seriousness (I’m sort of half joshing with the beerbelly thing, but maybe at my next NASCAR race it’ll come in handy), Eephus League Retro Scorecards for $15. Pops Oyster would certainly abide.

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