This is a Mandarin Duck (Maybe or Not)

According to one Redditor, the picture above is of a Mandarin Duck.

The species was once widespread in eastern Asia, but large-scale exports and the destruction of its forest habitat have reduced populations in eastern Russia and in China to below 1,000 pairs in each country; Japan, however, is thought to still hold some 5,000 pairs.[4]

Specimens frequently escape from collections, and in the 20th century a feral population numbering about 1,000 pairs was established in Great Britain.; more recently small numbers have bred in Ireland. Black Mountain, North Carolina also has a limited population.Although this is of great conservational significance, the birds are not protected in the UK since the species is not native there. There is also a free-flying feral population of several hundred mandarins in Sonoma County, California. This population is the result of several mandarin ducks escaping from captivity, then going on to reproduce in the wild.

Regardless of species (because I have no idea if that’s really true or not), that’s a pretty duck.

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