The Craziest Thing on the Internet This Week

Point One, Cohen: “There’s absolutely, positively no way to describe how bonkers this video is. It’s a 5 minute crescendo straight to the center of bananatown. I found that my reactions were mirrored exactly by the judges. If the Warriors of Goja did not win this talent show, well, that would be a travesty of justice unheard of in the history of talent shows.”

Point Two, Kottke: “I’ve been on the web for 17 years now, I’m a professional link finder, and I have never in my life seen anything like these guys performing on an Indian talent show. They *start off* by biting into fluorescent light bulbs and it just gets more nuts from there. You never really see this much bleeding on American Idol.”

Both Aaron Cohen and Jason Kottke pretty much nail everything you need to know ahead of watching this video clip from an Indian talent show. Prepare to enter bananatown.

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