Two Meta-Portraits For You This Morning

Saw these both randomly over the last day or two: Steve Jobs made of Apples and Snoop Dogg made of weed.

TDW Geek on Jobs: “Quebec-based artist Olivier Lefebvre did it last Sunday. Yep, that’s a Steve Jobs portrait composed of 3,750 apples. It’s hard to think of a more appropriate medium.”

And Dangerous Minds on Snoop Dogg: “Snoop Dogg portrait made from marijuana, hash and joints by artist Jason Mecier. That’s $1,500 worth of THC on the canvas. This will be on display and featured in the new book La Luz de Jesus 25, as part of the 25th Anniversary of La Luz de Jesus Gallery.”

Makes me wonder what other cultural icons would make for a cool meta-portrait.

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