Two Road Trip Things for You Today

1. Some enterprising guy recorded his cross-country trip from Seattle to Maine: “My route went down I-90, for almost the entire length of the highway, with only a few small detours. I wrote a small script in python to make my Droid X take a picture every 90 seconds.” I know the route well having driven from Portland to Boston several times. [via buzzfeed]

2. The Big Think writes about the new great American road trip, or rather how it differs today compared with a decade ago:

Perhaps the most notable difference was the lack of cell phones. Back then, the only people who had phones in their cars were the types who stopped to ask if you had Grey Poupon in the back of your Rolls and a portable phone was one of those suitcase jobs found at Army surplus stores. I distinctly remember camping at a site where the only phone, a payphone, was out of service. Calling mom and dad would have to wait until the next town. And if your car broke down you could wait for hours before the next person who could help you came along that dusty back road.

I’m wired now – I have my laptop that allows me to work from the road as long as I can find a signal, so I never really have to lose contact with relatives and friends unless I choose to go off the grid. I can work as I travel. I’m writing this from my friend Dirk’s house in Denver as he very kindly is letting me stay in the spare bedroom for a few days.

I have a small audio recorder to record interviews and notate my thoughts, though this requires listening to my own voice to transcribe them, something no one really enjoys.

I also have a digital camera, a far cry from the small camera that Christina and I had, and I won’t have to drop off 30 rolls of film at Walgreens when I get home. The camera shoots video as well so I can document interesting places and people I meet along the way.

The first video illuminates the second point.

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